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Fall 2020 ~ Virtual Tour for UHMC ARTS Week

(once in the new virtual library, click on Art Gallery!)


Spring 2020 ~ Visual Art Exhibition:

With the closing of our library building in March, we’ve had to make a lot of adjustments, including the way we feature and showcase some of our favorite things.

Inspired by our students’ powerful responses and reflections to the COVID-19 crisis and acknowledging that viewing art lowers stress levels and mental exhaustion (among other benefits–read more about this here), we’ve created this blog site as a virtual space for the Spring 2020 student visual arts exhibition.

Although this virtual approach removes the experience of seeing these meaningful art pieces in person, this move gives the students credit they deserve, while maintaining a healthy distance.  PLUS, this is a good opportunity to be able to share student work with a broader audience!

Select the gallery you would like to view:

  • ART 101 – Introduction to Visual Arts (Gwen Arkin)
  • ART 113 – Introduction to Drawing (Mike Takemoto)
  • ART 123D – Introduction to Acrylic Painting (Mike Takemoto)
  • ART 205 – Photoshop & Illustrator (Monika Jost)
  • ART/ICS – Introduction to Computer Graphics (Marc Antosch)



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